Upgrade your bathroom; get ready in ours

BY FirstLight
published 29-01-19

We've worked on making our changing rooms an oasis of calm and relaxation so you can wind down and relax after our classes, but now, we're welcoming our members at all times of day to offer you a space to recuperate.

Whether it's a big meeting or a night out, our bathrooms are a serene place to base yourself as you get ready for anything, complete with a premium organic skincare range.

All our changing rooms are stocked with Mauli shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Mauli are all natural, luxury products developed in keeping with ancient Ayurvedic principles, rich in actives to heal, rejuvenate and balance. 

We also provide additional cosmetics including makeup remover, body mist and dry shampoo as well as hair dryers and straighteners, to help you feel at home. So whether or not you have a class booked with us that day, as a riser you're always welcome here.