Stay supple, not sore

BY Guest author, Jamie
published 30-10-18

You’re exercising. You’re on your bike. You’re in the moment. The music’s pumping. The light is shining. You’re building strength. You’re building stamina. You’re on top of the world.

That’s how we want you to feel at FirstLight, West London’s multi-sensory spinning studio. But as everyone who’s ever exercised knows, building strength and stamina sometimes leads to soreness. Something you want to avoid at all post-workout recovery cost.


Vary your workouts

When you mix up your workouts, you put the focus on different muscle groups. This keeps your whole body in good shape and reduces the risk of over-exertion. In and out of the gym.

Stay hydrated

One of the effects of dehydration is muscle fatigue, which can lead to cramps. Drink water or juice before, during and after your exercise routine.


Gently stretching your muscles increases the blood flowing to them, getting them mobilised, flexible and able to power on through. This is a must before any indoor cycling session!

Use Epsom Salts POST-WORKOUT

These contain magnesium, a mineral that helps muscles to relax. Add some high-quality flakes to your bath, lie back and soak. Perfect after an intense workout session.

Book a massage AFTER EXERCISE

Massage isn’t (just) a treat – it’s a proven way of aiding muscle recovery after exercise. (And it’s also proven to help with relaxation; feelings of well-being and reduced fatigue. Result).

Pick up some protein

Protein. It builds muscle. It helps to repair muscle. You need it in your diet. Before and after class.

Slurp down some fish oil

Fish oil is full of polyunsaturated fatty acids. And as this new study shows, these fatty acids help our bodies get the most out of our daily protein snacks – speeding up muscle recovery.

Brave a cold-water bath

Cold water has an anti-inflammatory effect. So, to improve your muscle strength and reduce any aches and pains, just plunge into a post workout cold-water bath. The perfect release after a sweaty workout!

Swig a coffee

A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research in 2017 found that having a coffee the day after a strenuous workout may help your leg muscles to feel less sore. Bring on the barista!

Get a good night’s sleep

It’s when you’re in deep sleep that the body enters repair-and-restore mode. The better you sleep, the easier you’ll find it to recover from a workout.