Exercise that puts a ‘yay’ in your step

BY Guest author, Lydia
published 31-01-18

The prospect of an indoor cycling class can seem daunting, especially for the ‘must do more exercise’ fitness hopefuls among us. I feel pretty unfit at the moment, and the idea of joining a class full of super-charged body beautifuls keeps me firmly on my sofa. But you don’t actually need to have more than a basic level of fitness to enjoy and feel great results from a spinning class. And you simply can’t be left to bring up the rear, as you’re not actually going anywhere other than the studio! Your limits are just for you to know, and to push at your own pace. That’s the beauty of indoor cycling.

Working out on a bike combines so many elements of exercise, strengthening, endurance and stretching, that even making one spinning class a week will bring noticeable rewards. Indoor cycling can be for everyone. It’s low impact, so protects your joints, and it can be done within your own limits – increasing or decreasing your effort when you feel it’s right. And it’s rumoured to be an exhilarating experience, so one class may lead to two, until you’re bobbing up and down and upping your resistance with the best of them.

Indoor cycling has come a long way from the days of fluorescent lit gyms of the 1980s. There are now a wide variety of spinning classes on offer, so, if you need your fitness routine to shoehorn into a space in your week the size of a postage stamp, choose a class that will give you maximum fitness benefits for minimum minutes. Added extras like an amazing playlist and a truly-into-it instructor just ease the ride. I look for a workout that has high cardio and calorie-burning content, but that also tones figure-defining muscles and offers me the chance to really let go and feel the stress seep out. And if I can find all that in one workout routine, and not feel that I’d rather be anywhere else, I’m happy to leave my sofa and head for the studio. At least once a week – easy does it.

From what I’ve heard and read, I’m sold on the idea of pedalling and pumping my way back to a better level of fitness – and toning up a few neglected muscles – particularly at this time of year, when SADness kicks in for a lot of us and a much-needed endorphin boost would help ease us through the rest of winter.

I’ll be penning my next blog post when I’m out the other side!