Defy ordinary 

About Us - See the light

We’re on a mission to spread light across the city with innovative technology connected to an empowered community. We ride as a pack to the beat and rhythm of energising playlists, so whether you're an experienced cyclist or a rising first-timer, our team of expert Maestros will lead you all the way.

FirstLight Westfield Reception

The Science behind the Magic.

You'll be working out in a darkened room with likeminded individuals.
Our studios bring together cutting-edge sunlight simulation and beautifully curated visual backdrops using a world first 30ft Magic Mirror transporting you to global locations from Dubai to Rio.

The First - Rise with us!

World first technology guided by our team of Maestros pushing you through your fitness journey using Magic Mirror Technology that seamlessly flows from a mirror into a global destination.
Follow the journey of the sun from FIRSTLIGHT to High Noon then to sunset, transporting your body and soul.

Better light better you

The more sunshine the more happiness. Enhance focus and wellbeing. Light and exercise, a sensational recipe to find your amazing.

FirstLight Westfield Studio 1

Studio 1 RIDE

Ride to the beat of heart-pumping music in this full-body workout on a bike complete with unrivalled upper-body strength sections and state-of-the-art technology. Our cutting-edge digital screen not only serves as a beautiful backdrop but also mimics the pathway of the sun at integral parts of the day. Riders are able to harness the power of the sun’s natural journey from sunrise to sunset, helping to build energy and adrenalin for a next-level workout.

Studio 2 BOX

Launches 4th Feb 2019

Strength training and boxing–a knockout combination that will have your endorphins rushing. Move between high-energy, technical bag work and muscle-building strength moves for the ultimate sweat session. Each day we target different body parts with a full-body focus on the weekend. Ready to sweat?

Studio 3 30min HIIT + 30min HIIT: FULL BODY

Launches 2nd Jan 2019

A 30 minute cycling cardio blast uniquely designed to be fast and effective. Using intervals and active recovery, 30min HIIT is just you and your bike while 30min HIIT: FULL BODY combines cycling with strength exercises to target all major muscle groups and fire your metabolism.

All you need is you

With Boxing Gloves, Cycling shoes and LOOK cleats provided. Shower towels, natural organic Mauli products and Cloud Nine straighteners to hand post cycle. Male and female changing rooms will be your recovery sanctuary. Keyless lockers included.