Pioneering a uniquely immersive experience, we will awaken your senses and transform the way you feel about your workout. Expect cutting-edge technology, pitch-perfect acoustics, and best-in-class instructors in each of our studios - welcome to the FirstLight experience.


Mindfulness and meditation are at the heart of everything we do. We use the power of light to strengthen physical and mental health to create a one-of-a kind fitness experience.


During each class it's your time to find out what you're capable of, to connect to yourself, your goals and be part of our growing community. Whether you're at the start of your fitness journey or an inspired athlete looking for an unforgettable workout, DEFY ORDINARY to find your amazing.

Why FirstLight Cycle?

Located in Westfield, Shepherds Bush, we're a premium cycle of studios - a unique group fitness experience from celebrity trainer Mark Anthony. Our classes include RIDE, a full-body indoor cycling workout complete with unrivalled upper body strength sections; YOGA, our dynamic stimulating Vinyasa Flow; and HIIT, a 30 minute cardio blast.

There's one word for our signature class RIDE - epic. With room for 68 bikes and stadium-style seating, you'll hear every word, sense every rise and feel every beat.

During your class, our state-of-the-art 30ft Magic Mirror will transport you to some of the most inspiring places on earth. Experience the sun-ravaged beauty of the desert, fly down the electric streets of Manhattan or soak up the sundown beats of Ibiza. Discover a vibe that works for you and fully immerse your senses.

We've created an energising environment with our cutting-edge digital screen that not only serves as a beautiful backdrop but also mimics the pathway of the sun at integral parts of the day. Riders are able to harness the power of the sun's natural journey from sunrise to sunset, helping to build energy and adrenalin for a next-level workout.


Combining breath with movement we take you on a journey through the rising and setting of the sun.

Music is a big part of the experience, helping you to truly connect and feel the dynamic movement. We will focus a lot on core engagement alongside energetic locks (bandhas), to really help you strengthen your practice and heat up the core to help protect the spine. You will end softly as the sun sets, leaving you in a state of complete serenity.

BOOST YOUR MELATONIN AND VITAMIN L with LUMIE light technology. Our 30 minute cycling cardio blast, uniquely designed to be fast and effective. Using intervals and active recovery, 30 minute HIIT is just you and your bike while 30 minute HIIT FULL BODY combines cycling and strength exercises to target all major muscle groups and fire your metabolism.