Six ways to stay motivated

BY Guest author, Katie
published 31-01-18

There are days when all you want to do is get out of bed and straight into class. And then there are days when you just want to snooze under the duvet and avoid all exercise. We’ve been there. So, here are some simple ways to peel your head off the pillow – and get back on to the bike…

Understand how being active makes you feel

Does being active make you feel happier? Does it make you feel proud of yourself? Does it make you feel fulfilled? When you understand the emotional payback that you get from staying active, those feelings will motivate you to go to class week in, week out.


One of the most powerful motivations we have is the sense that we are making progress. Getting better - in and out of the spinning studio - is a carrot that spurs us all on! So, fuel your fitness fire by paying attention to the small, incremental improvements that you make as you work out: whether this is riding a metre further in a class; shaving a second off a hill-climb or simply feeling more flexible than you did two weeks earlier.

FirstLight Tip. Measuring your calorie burn, tracking your blood pressure or counting your steps is a great way to monitor and see improvement in your exercise routine. You can also use this info to set yourself new, achievable targets for your next indoor cycling class.


If you want to commit to doing something, schedule it into your day. Don’t say, ‘I’ll go to class tomorrow’, say, ‘I’ll go to the 7am spinning class with Gemma tomorrow.’ This works because it’s specific – so you feel more accountable for making it happen – and because it helps you to visualise yourself working out.

Create peer pressure

Working out with a friend increases motivation. Why? 1. Because you don’t want to let your friend down. 2. Because we naturally take on traits of the people with whom we spend time. If you’re building in time with fit friends, their motivation will enhance your own workout.

Accept that motivation ebbs and flows

You won’t always feel motivated about exercising. That’s OK. When we accept that motivation can both dip and rise, it’s actually easier to stay on track with your fitness goals – because we’re not being stymied by unrealistic expectations.

Read inspiring FITNESS stories

Other people’s fitness stories are inspiring – whether they’re stories of weight loss, the emotional benefits of exercise, outstanding talent or just simple tales of sheer love for a sport.

Inspired to get back on that bike? Let’s do this!